Kampac Newsletter - May 2022

Kampac Newsletter – May 2022

The Single Use Plastic Directive and what it means for disposables

The European Commission’s Single Use Plastic Directive (SUPD) requires standard harmonised markings of ‘Plastic in Product’ on single-use disposable beverage cups, regardless of the plastic content level.
From July 2022 the Directive applies to all types of disposable cups including cups described as “plastic free” sold and used in the EU, these must display a ‘Plastic in product’ SUPD logo of which specific sizing, colour and font are applicable.
The UK, post-Brexit is not required to implement the SUPD into UK law however, disposables are under constant review and it is anticipated these rules may follow in 2023. As of June 2022, Scotland aligns with much of the European ban on plastic cutlery, plates and stirrers and expanded polystyrene cups and plastic straws.
As some of our stock is distributed throughout the EU, some cups will be printed with the SUPD logo, as a positive, this may encourage appropriate disposal.
The SUPD does not differentiate between products containing fossil fuel petroleum-based problem plastic or renewable low carbon plant-based plastics, resulting in certified compostable products having to display the SUPD logo.