Kampac Newsletter – October 2022

As we approach the end of October we can start to look forward to the coming Christmas festivities that will carry us into 2023.

Partaking in typical winter activities to enjoy the cold season, our office favourites are ice-skating followed by a warming spiced hot chocolate then browsing through a cold winter market buying Christmas hats and jumpers of questionable taste warmed up by a mulled wine ideally in one of kampac’s sustainably sourced paper hot cups.

Kampac offers a wide range of environmentally friendly disposable paper coffee cups with a sustainably sourced internal plant-based lining, commonly known as PLA which is suitable for commercial composting or how about our recyclable double wall paper cups printed with a seascape scene which can be disposed of with normal waste paper making them the perfect alternative to single-use plastic-lined paper cups. We suggest 8 & 12oz cups for hot chocolates and Christmas coffees and 10oz double wall for mulled wines. 

Our range includes Single wall, Double wall, Ripple and Kraft cups in standard colours and plastic free.  Want your cups bespoke branded – just ask us to quote