Kampac Newsletter - June 2022

Kampac Newsletter – June 2022

Environmental Secretary George Eustice continues to push the UK single-use polluting plastics consultation, focusing on plastic plates, cutlery, expanded and extruded polystyrene cups and food and beverage containers. The UK government has chosen not to distinguish between traditional oil-based, plastic products and sustainably sourced, renewable plant-based products designed for commercial composting returning back to nutrient rich soil. 

As an alternative to plastic, Kampac offers a wide range of alternatives including FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sourced paper cutlery, strong and smooth our paper cutlery provides a comfortable eating experience. Whilst our Bagasse cutlery, helps ease the burden of the 4.25 billion single-use cutlery used each year in the UK. Prefer wooden cutlery, individually wrapped, or soldier packed in 100’s and boxed 1000’s, it’s as reliable as always.  Need cups – our range of plant based hot and cold cups provide a super alternative to PE lined cups and don’t forget our Palm Leaf plates and Bagasse tableware are always at great value and available for next day delivery.